Tips for Kitchen Renovations

Tips for Kitchen Renovations

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With Labor Day behind us, the days of grilling are waning. That means as more people return to indoor cooking, now’s a good time to give your kitchen a second look—before the big holiday meal prep begins.

When renovating a kitchen, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Refrigerator location. It’s been estimated that an average family opens the refrigerator up to 50 times a day. So its location within the flow of your kitchen is important. It’s also important (and now required) to allow access to the refrigerator’s electrical outlet—in the event of a power outage, keeping your fridge plugged into a generator can save hundreds by preventing wasted food.
  2. Contain clutter. Kitchen designers have been using “appliance pantries” to help collect small kitchen appliances in one place. This helps reduce clutter on the kitchen counters—and creates an easily accessible wiring center to comply with NEC code.
  3. Clean up. We know there aren’t a lot of takers for this step, but it can be made easier. Many homeowners are adding two dishwashers to modern kitchens—no more dishes left in the sink after a big dinner! When installing a dishwasher, be sure that the wiring complies with the 2014 NEC code, which now requires GFCI protection.
  4. Workspace lighting. Today’s kitchens serve multiple purposes—from meal prep, to homework central, to even media centers. Be sure to choose the right lighting for each use of the room—from undercounter LEDs to overhead decorative pieces.

From electrical supply to visual appeal, the subject matter experts at Rockingham Electric and the Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric can help your kitchen shine brightly this winter!

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