Help Get More Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms into Homes

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With an increasing awareness of the important role carbon monoxide alarms play in protecting people from this odorless and colorless gas, states are examining their building codes. For example, all new residences in Maine and New Hampshire are required to have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

“In an effort to help local contractors, Rockingham Electric is partnering with Kidde to offer the Safe Home Contractor Program,” says Jim Pender, president of Rockingham Electric.

Contractors who work with Rockingham Electric to take advantage of the Safe Home Contractor Program will receive help in effectively educating clients about the importance of these alarms. “Basically,” Pender says, “we can help you create a marketing plan and assist you with co-op funds to help pay for that plan.

“In short, the Safe Home Contractor Program is a great way to bring the best safety alarm technology in the industry to more homeowners without raising building costs,” Pender says.

Participation in the program also includes:

  • Advertising funds;
  • Product training;
  • A Kidde “Welcome Kit”; and
  • A listing on Kiddie’s Safe Home website as a Certified Safe Home Contractor.

To sign up or learn more, stop by Rockingham Electric.

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