Bringing LED Technology to the Open Sky

Bringing LED Technology to the Open Sky

on Feb 11, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

There’s been a lot of talk and use of LEDs in small spaces (such as individual lamps and in kitchens), and we’ve seen the examples of LEDs in their colorful grandness (such as in light shows and on structures).

But we’re also seeing LED technology extend to wide, open spaces (such as parking lots and stadiums) with the introduction of a 400W metal halide equivalent 150W LED floodlight.

RAB Lighting AThese RAB Lighting bulbs deliver performance with flexibility, such as:

  • Cool, neutral, and warm FXLED150 floodlights and ALED150 area lights.
  • Varying mount options (pole mount, slipfitter, wall mount, and trunnion).
  • Three IES types (Type II for wide walkways, on-ramps, bike paths, and entrance roadways; Type III for roadways and general parking areas; and Type IV for sides of buildings, walls, or parking area perimeters).

“What’s always held people to the metal halide option is the light output,” says Jim Pender, president and CEO of the Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric. “But this technology delivers incredible energy savings—up to 66% lower!—without sacrificing the safety of an area with unreliable light.”

RAB Lighting BRockingham Electric can help you lower your project’s long-term costs without sacrificing public safety. Stop in today to learn more.

Illustrations from RAB Lighting

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